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Consumer banking templates for community banks that are ready for digital transformation

Engage your customers to use more your banking products. Grow your portfolio and get higher conversions in consumer lending


Build your next credit offering in a day

From application to scoring and servicing - Neofin combines it all for you to launch and test a new credit product


Complete white-label

  • seamless experience without any redirection to other websites
  • place your own logos and apply custom styles
  • create any web interface for your online journey with Neofin Site Builder!

Lightspeed deployment

Your secured Neofin instance will be ready to use in less than an hour at any of the popular platforms like AWS, GCP or Azure. 

Willing to deploy Neofin in your private cloud cluster or on-soil server? No problems, it still takes hours to make it work with the help of instance images.


Strong lending ecosystem

Benefit from a set of out-of-the-box integrations with all the needed services for you to launch a new lending type: 

  • Leads
  • Marketing
  • AML
  • Accounting
  • Payroll deduction
  • ACH
  • Repayments
  • Messaging

Our banking segments


Consumer Lending

  • Student Loans

  • Loans

  • Personal Loans

  • Crypto Loans

  • Home Improvement Loans

  • Medical Loans


Point Of Sale Lending

  • Buy Now Pay Later/"Split Pay"

  • Pos Lease

  • Pos Financing

  • Same-as-cash


Automotive Lending

  • Title Loans

  • Subprime Auto Loans

  • Auto Lease

  • Recreational Vehicle Loans

  • Mid Prime Auto Loans


Business to Business Lending

  • Invoice fiinancing

  • Working Capital

  • Refactoring receivables

  • SBA

  • Small business Loans

  • Credit Limit

  • Payroll Advance

  • Construction Loans

  • Hard Money

  • Equipment Leases


Small Dollar Lending

  • Payday Loans

  • Tribal

  • Title Loans

  • Installment Loans

  • Cash Advance

Release the power of loans


Break the limits

Set yourself free of technology limitations switching to a no-code platform. All of the changes will be delivered to your borrowers in a few clicks.


Meet client expectations

Clients are always attracted by great experiences even more than with great commercials. Bring your borrowers experience to the next level and get popular at any local community


Corner the market

Become a main one-stop-shop financial marketplace for clients in your community. Let your bank’s brand associate with financial services for any purpose from life event loan to personal installment for the next big idea.

We are trusted by

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Whom do we serve


Chief Operations Officer

Improve your lending business KPI’s in the first month after the launch of Neofin.

Always meet your deadlines in the launch of new loan products and sales channels.


Chief Lending Officer

Lending market becomes highly competitive and the price of leads growth. 

Open new opportunities to improve your loan portfolio with an agile tool that doesn’t require a team to support.

Chief Digital/Innovation Officer

Switch manual processes into seamless digital journeys.

Increase lifetime value of your clients  with new options of onboarding to loan products.