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About us

Neofin is an intuitive SaaS that allows to fully automate all the credit/loan operations

Thanks to 10 years of experience in fintech and constant monitoring of changes in this market, NeoFIn has ready-made solutions for your business.

  • banking
  • micro-financial organizations
  • retail and e-commerce
  • telecom operators
  • clinics and institutions
  • real estate
  • other businesses worldwide

NeoFin creates solutions based on ready-made modules and all the necessary integrations, so your business idea can be implemented in an incredibly short time - from 10 days.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Max Slobodyanyuk
Max Slobodyanyuk
Managing Partner at Neofin
Tech executive, serial entrepreneur, investor, and startup mentor who has more than 15 years of experience. Advisor to Ukraine's Vice Premier Minister of Digital Transformation. member of Forbes Technology Counsel. Founder of Nika Tech Family holding that unites 10+ top-noth tech companies.
Oleksandr Kshutashvili
Oleksandr Kshutashvili
Founder & СTO at NeoFin
Product owner . Banking and fintech professional with over 10 years experience in the domain, and key technology strategist to Neofin.

Svitlanka Sergiichuk
Svitlanka Sergiichuk
Business Development Overseer, Managing Partner
Business Development executive with over 10 years experience of growing and scaling businesses on the international markets. General Partner in Nika Tech Family holding that unites over 10 tech companies.

Why Neofin

We build our work based on the highest market standards and industry practise
Our CEO is a current business analyst of a foreign financial group, and an Advisory Board member in the well-known fintech solutions. We know how to solve the tasks set before us. We do not theorize, but already have a number of ready-made innovative solutions. And this is confirmed by our successfully implemented cases.
Our specialists have specialized education and the necessary and sufficient practical expertise. 90% of the team comes from bank
We monitor changes in legislation and the latest technological solutions, so we have up-to-date ready-made solutions that meet these changes. But at the same time we are absolutely flexible and take into account the existing client's processes. Our goal is to help the client get an effective system - not a standardised solution "for everyone".
We pass the source code to in-house development
This means that the client gets full autonomy from us, and if they want, they can change something for their tasks or scale the project as much as they want.

Track Record

8 countries and 3 continents

of current operations. Still counting!

10.000 loans

issued through Neofin platform daily

2 financial institutions

becoming happy Neofin customers every month

100+ years

total experience in the banking and fintech industry in the core team

100% of development team

coming from banks and fintechs

Neofin is a proud awardee and graduate of the Equifax Accelerate, batch 2022

Neofin is an awardee of the Fintech & E-commerce Linking Days Awards in Poland

Neofin is partnering with Mastercard in MENA to drive the card-enabled lending automation in the region

Neofin is a recognized innovator in the US Dept of State’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative


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