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Neofin’s no-code lending automation SaaS goes live in the US, powering the transformative consumer lending products


The week of September the 4th marks a large milestone for Neofin. We went live in the US! It is exciting to see the financial community react to it, and over 400 US and global media resources picking up our news. For our great fintech community - adding the text of the official release below. 

 Chicago, September 6th — Neofin, the no-code lending automation platform, launched its first US project, entering the market to power the transformative and sustainable consumer lending products. Neofin’s first live project in the US is Stately Credit - an inclusive lender that aims to provide a stress-free alternative to traditional lending options. Through its no-code technology and out-of-box automation solutions to loan origination and management, Neofin has enabled Stately Credit to launch, manage, and scale its products efficiently without compromising compliance, quality, and speed.

Stately Credit is an innovative lending product centered around direct payroll deduction (also called allotment loans) - meaning that the loan repayments are made from the borrower's payroll. "
Our payroll-linked lending is fundamental and transformative," said Shanzaib Malik, CEO and Founder of Stately Credit. "Our borrowers find it reduces stress and simplifies the personal budgeting process. They don't need to worry about making late payments or budgeting to repay the loan.” - adds Michael Philippe, Stately Credit’s CFO and Co-Founder.


Stately has achieved a key milestone - going live nationwide - through its collaboration with Neofin, a SaaS platform built by Ukrainian fintech experts that settled in the North America to make no-code a reality in the US lending industry.


Committed to providing accessible and sustainable financial solutions, Stately Credit showcases its dedication to reshaping lending practices through this partnership.


An essential feature of Neofin's platform for Stately Credit was the ability to roll out the project without enlisting the assistance of engineering resources. This achievement is a testament to Neofin's no-code technology, which enabled Stately Credit's business founders to spearhead the platform's launch. “Our challenge was in building an intuitive cloud-based consumer lending tech that would be end-to-end and scalable. Loan origination, loan management, compliance, communication and collections had all to be there. We’ve built just that with Neofin. The first MVP was delivered in less than a month - that is how we figured we were on the right track”. - says Shanzaib Malik, CEO and Founder at Stately. “Of all solutions we’ve tried, Neofin’s product engine has been the easiest in building the product core, creating risk policies with alternative data sources or setting up seamless user interfaces.”


Currently, Stately Credit is making waves with allotment loans to all US employees, focusing on serving the government worker segment. These individuals now have access to finance that is aligned with their financial capacity. Integral to this process is custom scoring models built through Neofin’s underwriting rules engine. They analyze data, enabling the creation, testing, deployment, and management of predictive models that promote responsible lending practices.


"Neofin is on a mission to make consumer lending easy - for all the parties involved. And Stately Credit is just perfectly matching this mission,” says Svitlanka Sergiichuk, CEO and Co-Founder of Neofin. Alex Kshutashvili, CTO and Co-Founder, is speaking on the importance of the no-code launches in the US: “With cases like Stately, we are proving that no-code is a reality. This works worldwide - and it's already live in the US.” 


About Neofin

Neofin is a no-code lending automation platform enabling lenders to create and manage end-to-end lending processes without writing code. Neofin offers a white label system with the following solutions enabled through its intuitive admin panel: real-time drag-and-drop editable onboarding flows, risk-based offer builder, state-based APR rates engine, underwriting rules engine, loan funding and repayments through ACH, marketing campaigns and debt collections strategy builder. The platform empowers businesses to launch lending solutions at unprecedented speed, transforming the way financial services are accessed and experienced. Neofin is moving its international journey forward, being a part of the reputable specialized programs, such as Equifax Accelerate, WMNFintech by BMO, and Mastercard Start Path Ukraine. To learn more about Neofin, visit


About Stately Credit

Stately Credit is a financial inclusion lending product that leverages direct payroll deduction to offer affordable loan products. By prioritizing the paycheck as a foundation for financial offerings, Stately Credit provides borrowers with accessible, sustainable, and user-friendly loan options. To learn more about Stately Credit, visit

Neofin Official
Neofin Official
September 8, 2023
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