Neofin Modular Solutions

Ready-to-go flexible solutions to create, customize and automate the credit process for your product.

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Applying and deciding on a loan

NeoFin White

  • API for integration with partners
  • Flexible customization of forms
  • Cutting off the repeating applications
  • Flexible parameterization of streams

Setting up the incoming flow of new applications for a loan in two clicks.

NeoFin Black

  • Cutting off blacklisted applications
  • Automatic Blacklisting
  • Manual addition
  • Ability to integrate with partners and open data registries

Work with:

NeoFin Score

  • minimizing client risks based on statistical data
  • analysis of borrowers application forms
  • predicting the risk of borrower’s default
  • automatic status affixation of the applicant, based on analysis of available databases and statistics

Work with:

NeoFin Verify

  • forecasting the risk of default during manual verification of the borrower
  • analysis of available databases to assist in making a decision during manual entry of borrower’s data
  • a window for a manual decision on the loan

Work with:

Customer Accounting

NeoFin CRM


The CRM system keeps a full record of applications for credit products with the ability to track and record the status of the application, a complete history of interactions with the client


The ability to customize actions in work with the client.

  • Send to a contact center
  • Invite to a branch
  • Send SMS/IVR
  • Autodial
  • Send customer to a partner

Scripts can be customized individually, according to to the customer’s business.

Biometric client identification


  • 3D/2D Liveness Detection
  • Video Stream Liveness Detection
  • UBCH Liveness Detection
  • UBCH Foto Score

Loan accounting

NeoFin Credit


  • flexible configuration of all types of loans for the product
  • the automated decision-making process on an application
  • accelerated and structured process of the pre-loan document flow
  • user-friendly interface for contract registration
  • minimization of possible manual data entry errors
  • centralized control and audit of credit processes in the product
  • available integrations with 1С, ProFix, Lime systems, and others
  • restructuring
  • refinancing

Core functionality

  • overdrafts
  • short-term and long-term loans for individuals and legal entities, instalments, and credit lines
  • loan authorization – accounting for obligations and collateral under several agreements
  • automatic payouts to a customer’s card via gateways (Portmone, IPAY and analogues)
  • mass payouts with EPS
  • portfolio management
  • API for existing clients’ base migration with payment, fee transfers and credit product transfers


Portfolio management

NeoFin Call

  • CRM for customer credit debt management
  • the ability to connect different communication channels: voice call, IVR, SMS
  • access to the application for the group of users “Collectors” with a separate interface and the ability to filter the credit portfolio by the following parameters:
    • sum
    • number of days overdue
    • automatic lists for IVR, SMS, email, and push notifications
    • configuration of scripts for notifications
    • document workflow
    • other customizable parameters

Repayment of credit

Neofin Bill

  • A quick way to launch a system of loan repayment through  online services, self-service terminals, and cash banks
  • integration with popular payment systems in Ukraine
  • availability of repayment via terminals of PrivatBank, iBox, EasyPay, City24 networks

Affiliate systems


NeoFin Invest

dashboard for an investor

payment schedules and reporting on loans issued

calculation of borrower’s credit score

Site constructor

NeoFin SiteKit


site constructor


for a borrower


payment schedules
and reporting
on repayment online


and communication
with a borrower


NeoFin Marketing

  • Mailouts
    • email
    • push
    • sms
    • triggered
    • planned
    • instant
  • Promo codes
    • with flexible settings
    • changes in current conditions
    • setting new conditions
  • The program “Invite a friend” – a bonus program for invited friends
  • Loyalty program – discount and customer levels based on credit history

Big changes in the financial products market. We are ready!

01 Verification

A module for photo and video verification based on AI algorithms is under development. We use modern technologies and libraries to verify customers according to NBU requirements.

02 Monitoring

Our product meets the requirements of central banks in terms of integration with key bases: terrorists, public persons, document workflow.

03 Digital Signature

In the basic version, we have provided digital signature tools for PDL clients and banks.

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